TELE-audiovision International —
The solution is simply
ideal. National and regional
programs are delivered
terrestrially in high-qual-
ity digital format and can
be received with a small
antenna while the rest of the
world comes into your home
via satellite. KAON has intro-
duced a new digital receiver
for both DVB-S and DVB-T.
The DVB-S section of the
KTSC-510 is good for 4080
channels. With its two CI
slots that can accept a vari-
ety of CA modules, it can be
used for PayTV reception as
well as for FTA reception. The
silver-colored cabinet has a
pleasant design. The entire
front panel can be opened
up to reveal the two CI
slots. Seven buttons permit
not only channel switching
directly on the receiver but
also its complete program-
ming. On the rear panel two
Scart connectors serve to
link video and audio to a TV
and a VCR. Video and analog
stereo audio are also avail-
able via three RCA jacks. A
matching cable (RCA-RCA) is
included in the package. As is
now becoming standard, the
IF signal is looped-through.
Older TV sets without audio/
video inputs can be con-
nected via the receiver’s PAL
modulator. The manufac-
turer did decide to include
USALS compatibility. Next to
DiSEqC 1.0 and 1.2, USALS,
in connection with a DiSEqC
motor, greatly simplifies the
programming of orbital posi-
tions by locating these posi-
tions automatically.
A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing?
The “Dreambox” DM 7000-S
The DM 7000-S doesn’t
look any different than all
the other “normal” set top
boxes when it is turned off.
But when it is turned on,
the first thing that pops into
view is the blue, approx. 5
x 3 cm, liquid crystal dis-
play (LCD) on the right
side of the front panel. It
shows either the current
channel with all of its rel-
evant data or the selected
menu. There’s also three
buttons for channel selec-
tion and Standby. But it
gets much more exciting
when you take a look under
the flap on the left side of
the front panel. A slot for
a DVB common interface
is standard. Two additional
slots are for SmartCard
readers. Both slots oper-
ate under “DreamCrypt”, a
self-programmable encryp-
tion system. Owners of
digital cameras should
be able to recognize the
next slot: a compact flash
reader for use with a cam-
eras memory card. This
makes it possible to view
pictures on the TV while at
the same time saving them
on the optional hard drive.
If desired, the dealer can
handle the installation of
the hard drive.
Any IDE hard drive up
to 200 GB is supported.
The manufacturer of the
DM 7000-S, Dream Multi-
media TV GmbH, offers an
installation kit (IDE, Power
and installation hardware)
for about US$ 20.00 (20
Digital Terrestrial and
Satellite Reception
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