01-02/2013 —
TELE-audiovision International —
GlobalInvacom GTU QUAD
Optical to RF Converters
GlobalInvacom is the very well known
company in the field of fiber optics re-
ception systems, consisting of the Glo-
balInvacom fibre optic LNBs and the
corresponding distribution accessories,
as fibre optic converters, cables and
splitters. TELE-satellite has published
a number of test reports dedicated to
their products. However, up to now, we
were focusing on the satellite TV signal
distribution using GlobalInvacom’s fibre
optic system and ignoring terrestrial TV
signals. But nowadays a contemporary
TV installation requires both kinds of
digital TV signals: satellite and terres-
trial. GlobalInvacom even has the right
products for this as well! So we set out
to give their new DTT enhanced compo-
nents a closer look.
For our test, we used the FibreIRS
ODU32 optical transmitter you al-
ready know from our previous reports
- our latest test report was published
in TELE-satellite 09-10/2012. The new
unit, except for accepting the signal
from an optical LNB, also allows you
to connect DTT/DAB/FM signals from a
terrestrial antenna. By writing DTT we
mean any standard of terrestrial signal
- not only DVB-T or DVB-T2 but as well
ATSC, DMBT or ISDB-T - anything in
the regular VHF/UHF and FM range. All
those signals are converted to light and
you can then distribute them in large
buildings or wherever you want. But at
the other end of an optical fiber net-
work you need a complimentary part: a
light-to-RF converter. Instead of testing
the already known MDU device we de-
cided to take a closer look at the brand
new FibreIRS GTU devices. There are
two variants of them: QUAD GTU and
Each GTU device is hidden in a black
plastic enclosure. You are supposed to
mount the plastic back plate on the wall
or other flat surface and it should be
mounted indoors in a dry environment.
The main device (QUAD or QUATRO
Global Invacom
Perfect solution for loss-less distribution
of satellite and terrestrial TV and Radio
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