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— 01-02/2013
converter) is then clicked
into place on the back plate.
Now comes the time for con-
necting cables. As could be
expected, the GTU device
has one optical input with a
FC-PC connector.
The QUAD GTU converter
has four equivalent outputs.
You can connect a suitable
triplex (TV, satellite, Radio)
wall outlet to each of them.
Then, to each socket you
can connect a satellite re-
ceiver, a TV-set orDAB ra-
dio and a FM radio. In other
words, the terrestrial band
is combined with the satel-
lite IF signal in each output
and all you need is a suit-
able socket to split them for
terminal devices.
The QUATRO GTU has five
outputs: VL, HL, VH, HH and
DTT/DAB. In this case the
terrestrial band is separated
from the satellite IF signals.
The idea here is to connect a
suitable multiswitch, which
is then fed into satellite re-
ceivers. The DTT/DAB out-
put would go directly into a
TV-set or DAB/FM radio.
Each GTU unit has an ad-
ditional DC power socket.
This power supply is re-
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