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Years Ago
New Satellite TV transmission technology 1983
The British government decided in favor of C-MAC. The BCC had
suggested "Extended PAL" and the European organization favored
"A-PAL", but C-MAC, developed by the IBA, won. It seems Biritsh
cable operators pushed for C-MAC, which is a technology easier to
To put it in simple words, with C-MAC the picture and color
informations are no longer transmitted simultaneous, but
sequentially: for each line first the color information and then the
picture information is transmitted.
The drawback is that analog technology is not able to do this. This
means first the analog films must first be digitalized, then put in
the right order, and finally put back in analog and then transmitted.
The full impact of C-MAC will only be achieved when the films
themselves are available in digital form, or even recorded digitally,
and when transmissions will be fully digital.
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