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— 03-04/2013
Can 3% Be As Good As 100%?
When you need to distrib-
ute satellite and terrestrial
signals to a large number of
apartments, a fibre optics
system comes first to mind.
Even with very long optical
cables there is hardly any sig-
nal quality loss. Also signal
strength suffers only insig-
nificantly for practical cable
lengths. But what is the im-
pact of optical splitters? You
need them to distribute the
input signal to many terminal
devices like TV-sets or satel-
lite receivers. And every pas-
sive splitter will attenuate the
signal. The larger the number
of its output the weaker the
signal you get. So you can
not split the signal without an
end. Where is the limit?
We had the opportunity to
find an answer to this ques-
tion. We got two models of
multi-output optical splitters
made by GlobalInvacom:
GISplit16pro and GISplit-
32pro. As you can easily de-
duce, these are 16-way and
32-way splitters respectively.
Both are contained in the
same sized metal enclosures
but while GISplit16pro has
one input and 16 outputs lo-
cated on the same side panel,
the other model has an addi-
tional 16 outputs on the op-
posite side. All connectors are
of the FC-PC type.
There are four holes in the
corners of the top and bot-
tom panels. So how are you
supposed to install the de-
vice on the wall? You do need
to have long and rather thin
screws to pass them through
the whole device before en-
tering the wall, or else you
need to partly disassembly
the device. After unscrewing
four small screws on the side
panels, the bottom panel can
be detached from the splitter
enclosure. Then, you can at-
tach the bottom panel to the
wall with standard screws and
reassemble the device.
Ideally, the GISplit16pro
splits the input to 16 equal
Global Invacom
GISplit16pro and GISplit32pro
Loss-less splitters for large
optical distribution systems
TELE-audiovision test
editor Jacek Pawlowski
testing GlobalInvacom‘s
optical splitters
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