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— 03-04/2013
Wall mount for the
Antiference DTT headend
100 Channel Convertors/
Our next step was con-
necting all the units one to
another. We used 5-wire
power/data bus cables and
the connectors located on
the top panels to connect
all the units in series. Every
KCC-100 is delivered with
one power/data bus cable.
Now, when all three proces-
sors were connected to get
the power supply and con-
trol data from KLA-110, we
had to take care of distribut-
ing the RF input signal from
KLA-100 to every KCC-100
and feed all RF outputs of
the KCC-100s back to the
main unit. We did that with
short coaxial cables includ-
ed in the set. As you can
see in the photographs, the
headend input and output is
located in the KLA-100, no
matter how many channel
processors are installed.
Antiference provide plas-
tic RF link support brackets
to better fix mechanically RF
links. They look like small
plastic wrenches that should
be coupled with two RF plugs
in every link. Although this
concept may sound proper,
even a very small misalign-
ment of the RF sockets in
the units make the RF links
with the brackets hard to in-
stall. We did not want to use
excessive force and risk in-
troducing mechanical stress
to the connectors so we
left most of the connectors
without support brackets.
Even without the brackets
the plugs were firmly at-
tached to the sockets and
we were pretty sure one
should not worry about their
disconnection during normal
You should install 75 ohm
terminators on any unused
RF inputs and outputs. An-
tiference do not include
them in the set, because
the number of required ter-
minators depends on the ar-
rangement of the channel
ing documentation was also
very well written, though
we would recommend to re-
write the process on how to
connect to the unit on the
network - we will address
this again a bit later.
The KR-110 rack has been
designed to be either in-
stalled in a 19” standard
cabinet or mounted on a
wall. Depending on your ap-
plication, you are supposed
to mount side support
brackets in one or the other
way – see our photographs.
All the necessary nuts, bolts
and washers were included
in the package. Everything
fitted perfectly and we as-
sembled the KR-110 in a
The main unit is the KLA-
110. It should be installed
exactly in the center of the
rack. Only one bolt is need-
ed to fasten it in the cor-
rect position. Three KC-100
Channel Convertors were
the next to be installed. An-
other three bolts and eve-
rything was firmly attached
to the rack. We decided to
put one convertor to the
left side of the main unit
and two other on the right
side. The maximum set up
can contain five KC-100s
on the right side and the
other five on the left side
of KLA-100. So, KR-100 can
accommodate up to ten KC-
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