Deviser Electronics Instrument Co., Ltd.
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Satellite Antenna Meter
Input Frequency
950~2150 MHz
Input Signal Level
30~110 dBµV
Symbol Rate
1~45 Ms/sec
128 x 64 pixels
LNB max current
400 mA
Power Supply
12 V DC 1.2 A
Operating Time
2.5 hours when fully charged
Charging Time
3 hours
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Jacek Pawlowski
Test Center
Handheld Satellite Meter
TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 05-06/2013
Ease of use
Fast response
Accurate measurements
Good workmanship
Many useful accessories
No DiSEqC 1.2 and USALS for motorized systems
te reception. The S30 is fast
in responding, very easy to
use, and easy to reprogram.
Not only the meter itself but
also its PC software is more
matured than for the older
S20. Its workmanship leaves
nothing to be desired.
7° East. The S30 was a little
bit too positive in its measu-
rements. It showed about 1
dB more in both: channel po-
wer and MER. Such small dif-
ference is in fact a good re-
sult. So far, we never found
two meters showing exactly
the same values. Usually,
the difference was even gre-
ater than that between the
S30 and our reference. So,
we confirm that the Deviser
S30 results are credible.
Because the test results
were so good, we could not
resist to check if the S30
could match our expensive
analyzer with a very, very
weak signal of low symbol
rate. We selected the EU-
ROBIRD transponder 11389
H SR=3642. Our reference
meter measured the power
as 62.2 dBµV and the MER
as 3.8 dB. Practically it was
a reception at threshold.
The Deviser S30 was able
to measure the power (56.3
dBuV) but could not to lock
to the signal and measu-
re its MER. It is not a sha-
me for this class of a meter.
We would be extremely sur-
prised if it could match our
If you are thinking about
buying a satellite meter, you
should ask yourself: shall I
really be forced to measu-
re such weak signals? Usu-
ally, there are much stron-
ger transponders receivable
next to weak ones - like in
the case of EUROBIRD. And
you can perfectly align the
dish using rather the strong
transponders than the weak
To sum it up, we can truly
recommend Deviser S30 to
all but extremely demanding
professionals dealing with
complex problems in satelli-
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