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07-08/2013 —
TELE-audiovision International —
1. If you can’t enter YAMON, because the flash has been
completely wiped off then you must use the JTAG route to
recover your AZBox. Download OpenOCD and copy the AZBox
configurations to the correct folders. Google for “azbox jtag” and
you should easily find the required files with instructions. You
need a copy of the flash contents (a file with exactly 8MB), usually
found with the name “az3_nor_flash.rar”. You then need to copy
“azbox.cfg” to the “board” folder in the OpenOCD installation
tree and “smp8634.cfg” to the “target” folder. Now open two DOS
shells, using WINDOWS-R. Enter “cmd” in the pop-up window. In
both windows, go into the installation folder of OpenOCD and then
in the “bin” subfolder.
2, 3. Arrange both windows vertically, so you can monitor both.
In the upper window, enter the command “openocd –f interface\
parport_dlc5.cfg –f board\azbox.cfg”. Naturally you must have the
AZBox turned on and the JTAG-interface connected. Type “telnet
localhost 444” in the lower window, but wait until OpenOCD starts
successfully in the upper window.
4. Press ENTER in the lower window. Now you can issue
commands in the lower window and see the responses in both
windows. Start with the following commands:
- halt
- reset halt
- reset init
5. If everything went well so far, you can continue with these
- flash probe 0
- flash erase_sector 0 0 63
- flash write_image az3.bin 0 bin
- flash write_bank 0 az3.bin 0x0
This will now take literally ages. The window will show the
Programming at ac000000, count 00800000 bytes remaining
Programming at ac000100, count 007fff00 bytes remaining
Programming at ac000200, count 007ffe00 bytes remaining
However, you do not have to wait until the whole flash is
programmed. That would take almost two weeks, at least on my
computers. I tried two different ones and the results were the
same. All you need to do is just to flash the first &H80000 bytes,
which contain the first boot loader and the YAMON ROM monitor.
This means that you can simply turn off the receiver as soon
as the message “Programming at ac080000, count 0077FFFF
bytes remaining” appears. Once this happens and all went well,
you should be able to start YAMON again. You then are back in
business, as you can repeat the regular TTL flashing process. But
still, I found a better way of doing it… Read on!
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