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07-08/2013 —
TELE-audiovision International —
3. A look in the production area. The
different modulator, encoder and IRD
components are produced and assembled
4. The finished products are prepared for
Eastern and Western Europe, North
and South America and also many
Asian countries.”
Their success shows that Sun Yu
made the right choice with the compa-
ny’s realignment: “In 2012 we achieved
sales of 120 million RMB (14 million Eu-
ros) and for 2013 we’re expecting an
increase to 150 million RMB (18 million
Outside of their main headquarters in
Chengdu in central China, DEXIN also
has offices in Xinjiang in northwestern
China and in the capital city of Beijing.
“We also have an office in New Delhi in
India”, adds Sun Yu.
DEXIN’s largest product group is the
Encoder-modulators. “They make up
60% of our exports and are our best
sellers.” Aside from that, DEXIN also
delivers many individual components
such as encoders, modulators and IRDs
that are all designed for installation in
19” racks.
There are 12 employees in the Sales
team that take care of worldwide sales.
DEXIN has a total of about 190 employ-
ees of which 60 of them are R&D engi-
DEXIN can be found at many inter-
national trade shows; Sun Yu wants to
further increase their exports. Thanks
to the highly qualified employees on
their R&D team and in their actual pro-
duction, that should be no problem.
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