TELE-audiovision - Weltweit größte Digital TV Fachzeitschrift - page 207

07-08/2013 —
TELE-audiovision International —
Test Laboratory
5. Victory for Zhengiang Zhang: his 30 employees
produce and test the sample product that was
designed by the R&D team
6. New! A modulator with WiFi. This employee is
testing the functions of the new product. The TV
monitor to the left is fitted with a WiFi dongle and
can receive the wireless TV signal. The iPad to the
right of the employee does the same thing.
7. Close up of the new DEXIN WiFi modulator
Cloud Yang is Customer Service
Manager. Ten employees are standing at
his side and handle all of the customer’s
questions ranging from the proper setup
of a DEXIN product to troubleshooting
a failure
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