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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 07-08/2013
Triple Tuner PVR
A triple TV tuner PVR
that will set your heart on fire
They say that you should
never judge a book by its
cover, but we also know from
experience that good looks
ignite a desire to find out
more. The same is true for
receivers and the first im-
pression they create. When
the new α+ from Tiviar ar-
rived at our test lab we were
immediately struck by its
stylish packaging, and when
we opened the box and took
out the receiver the look on
our faces only seemed to
suggest one word: WOW!
comes without visible but-
tons and the only elements
that catch your eye are a
brilliant 12-digit VFD display
and a status indicator which
at the same time serves as
the standby button and con-
sists of a stylised and back-
lit palm leaf. A flap on the
right side of the front panel
hides two CI slots which are
fully CI+ compatible, as well
as two card readers, a USB
port and two buttons for
switching channels.
The back panel is another
feast for the eye. Being a tri-
ple tuner PVR receiver, the
α+ sports two satellite IF in-
puts (one of which with loop-
through output), as well as
a combined DVB-T2/DVB-C
signal input. But that’s only
the beginning: You’ll find an
HDMI output, an optical au-
dio output, a total of six RCA
jacks for YUV, stereo audio
and CVBS video, a euroscart
socket, an RS232 connection
and an RJ-45 network inter-
face. Three USB 2.0 ports
and an e-SATA socket are
also available on the back
panel for connecting exter-
Tiviar α+
Brilliant solution for reception
of all available
digital TV signals
Tiviar ships its latest re-
ceiver model complete with
a remote control, HDMI ca-
ble, power cord, loop cable
for connecting the two DVB-
S2 tuners as well as a USB
dongle. The one thing that is
missing is a comprehensive
manual, but a concise quick
start guide is available which
features the manufacturer’s
website from which you
can download the full-scale
manual. To make matters
even easier there is also a
QR code printed right on the
quick start guide so that you
only need your smartphone
or tablet to scan the QR code
and a few moments later the
manual is available for you to
The front panel of the α+
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