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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 07-08/2013
nal storage media and/or
the Wi-Fi dongle. Speaking
of storage, it is possible to
install a 2.5-inch SATA hard-
disk right inside the receiver
and Tiviar even supplies all
required cables and mount-
ing components with its new
receiver – that’s what we call
user-friendly. The back panel
features are rounded off with
a mechanical power switch.
The remote control that
comes with this receiver is
of remarkably high quality
and the choice of materi-
als makes for an extremely
pleasant look and feel. Con-
trary to most remotes we
have tested so far, the sur-
face is completely level with
no raised buttons, which
adds to the overall appeal
of the remote control. All
buttons are clearly labelled,
easy to reach and positioned
right where you would look
for them by intuition. Last
but by no means least there
is the Wi-Fi dongle that is
also part of the set and
which can be attached to
one of the USB ports to hook
up the receiver to your local
Wi-Fi network at home. It
is fully compatible with the
802.11 b/g standards and
should therefore be capable
of working with any Wi-Fi in-
frastructure you may have.
User-friendliness shows in
many different ways, and the
installation wizard of the α+
is one of them. In a smoothly
designed set-up routine your
new Tiviar receiver asks you
for basic settings such as
language, IP address, time
zone and available reception
modes. Once that is accom-
plished the wizard will initi-
ate a channel search (since
this receiver does not come
with a pre-stored channel
list), after which it turns into
standard operating mode
and shows the first available
Pressing the MENU button
will bring you right to the tru-
ly smart main menu, which
consists of two sections. The
first is a single-line bar on the
bottom of the screen which
features five entries that
can be selected and edited
freely. Five entries are not
enough? Simply press the UP
button on the remote control
to show twelve additional
entries. This should keep
most users satisfied. The
user interface of the main
menu is based on the app
concept for smartphones.
Each menu entry can be
positioned freely and apart
from all the basic items like
music, video, photos or set-
tings there are menu entries
for directly accessing timer
events, the channel list edi-
tor or the EPG. In short, the
minimised main menu offers
five quick access items for
speedy operation, while all
other menu entries can be
found in the extended menu,
which of course can also be
fully customised to meet all
end user requirements.
Our fingers are itching now
to turn all this theory into
practice, but for the sake
of completeness we have to
take a closer look at all op-
tions offered by the settings
menu first. This menu sec-
tion is clearly structured and
lets you adjust virtually all
details in order to meet your
very demands. Since this
receiver comes with a num-
ber of connection options for
external storage media it is
possible to determine one
medium for PVR recording
and another one for timeshift
buffering, for example. The
fact that the α+ supports the
NTFS file system deserves
1. Language selection of
installation wizard
2. IP settings
3. The installation wizard
includes an optional signal
search for all three reception
4. Satellite settings
5. Settings menu
6. Managing storage media
7. Both the channel list and
all individual settings can be
saved onto an external USB
storage medium
8. Channel list editor
9. Popular channels can easily
be moved into one of the
favourites lists
10. Antenna settings
11. Language settings
12. AV settings
13. Comprehensive list of pre-
stored satellites
14. The second DVB-S2 tuner
can be fed with an independent
antenna signal or with the
looped-through signal from
tuner 1
15. Convenient editing of the
transponder list
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