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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 07-08/2013
40, 41. Fashion TV with the
Tiviar α+
42. Internet TV (unfortunately
with only three default
channels at this stage)
43. New Internet TV channels
can easily be added manually
44. A total of 58 Internet radio
stations are pre-stored
45. New Internet radio stations
can be added manually
46. Thanks to DLNA the α+
is able play back multimedia
content from other devices in
the local network
47. Network settings
48. Satellite search
49. Channel list editor
50. Popular channels can
easily be moved into one of the
favourites lists
51. Info bar in minimised view
52. Info bar in extended view
53. EPG for up to seven
54. EPG of a single channel
the α+ is its search function
within the EPG. This way,
you’re always sure to find
your favourite shows and
you can even opt to create
a repeat timer for record-
ing daily or weekly events.
Simply select the event you
want to record and the PVR
system will take care of all
the rest.
The new Tiviar PVR re-
ceiver is capable of handling
three recordings simultane-
ously and we can only com-
mend the manufacturer for
not saving on processing
power. Switching from one
channel to the next takes
approximately one second,
which is a good result and
will certainly please those
couch potatoes out there
no end. The remote control
comes with several direct
access buttons in order to
quickly call up specific set-
tings or functions such as
language selection, book-
marks, teletext and the like.
PiP (picture-in-picture) is
available, too, and while this
is a feature most receivers
boast, this particular model
manual search option for a
single frequency are avail-
able in DVB-T2 and DVB-C
mode. If required, a +5V
current on the centre wire of
the coax cable can be creat-
ed in DVB-T2 mode in order
to supply power to an exter-
nal signal amplifier.
The OSD design of the
α+ is not just elegant, in-
novative and logical, it also
makes for a remarkable user
experience. Smart details
allow an extremely smooth
flow of information – just
think of the following fea-
tures: The channel list is not
superimposed over the cur-
rently watched program, but
fills the entire screen with
the current channel shown
in a small window. Channels
can be sorted according to
alphabet, reception mode,
tuner, CAS system or pro-
vider or can be searched by
name with the help of an on-
screen keyboard. With hun-
dreds or even thousands of
channels finding their way
into the channel list those
helpful features provide val-
uable help.
We have already dealt with
menu structure of the main
menu, and the same con-
cept is used for the info bar
as well. Every time a new
channel is selected the only
information that is shown is
the title of the current event.
Pressing the RIGHT button
on the remote calls up the
next event as well. The elec-
tronic program guide (EPG)
is in line with the excellent
overall concept and design
of the α+ and lists the pro-
gram schedule for up to
seven channels at the same
time or upcoming events of
a single channel. The Media
Highway (MHW) EPG system
used by the Canal+ group is
implemented as well and one
of the striking features of
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