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— 09-10/2013
Hi-Fi Amplifier
Hi-Fi Sound for the Home
Vitor Martins Augusto
When was the last time
you heard music in really
good quality? Not just
„good“ stereo, but in a
concert hall with good
acoustics or even from a
high class audiophile sys-
tem? Maybe that‘s a long
time ago, because nowa-
days audiophile sound
quality is completely
neglected. Most people
nowadays are used to
portable music players
and of course it is great
to carry around a large
collection of albums in a
small mp3 player, mobile
phone or iPod. But with
such devices our hear-
ing ability is pushed into
the background, as the
focus is about the quick
consumption of mu-
sic: anytime, anywhere.
Home Hi-Fi systems were
replaced by surround
sound systems, which
are basically optimized
to reproduce sounds and
noise coming from all
directions, rather than
trying to obtain the best
music quality.
And so it comes that most
people no longer are aware
of how incredibly perfect
music reproduction sounds
and which dimensions,
depth and plasticity can be
achieved. This happened to
me when I was able to test
the Audolici A1/25 Inte-
grated Amplifier. From the
very first song by Joan Baez
–“Diamonds and Rust”, the
music flowed through me
and gave me goose bumps;
I closed my eyes and was
formally conveyed to the 70s
and before me she stood and
sang for me. When did I lis-
ten the last time to music in
this way? I do not know ex-
actly, but certainly a good
20 years ago. Back in the
late 80s a proper Hi-Fi sound
system was to be found in
almost every household, but
somehow this has changed
in the 90s and especially in
this new century. One en-
counters surround systems,
media centres and home cin-
ema, but listening to music
on these AV receivers is just
not the same.
And so I dove into the
This is Valeriy Kuchkovskyi, founder and owner of
Audolici. In his hands he is holding the incredible
Hi-Fi amplifier A1/25. He has all reasons to smile:
this is a truly exceptional amplifier.
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