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09-10/2013 —
TELE-audiovision International —
amplifier and only uses tube
pairs which sonically match.
It is no secret that Russian
tubes are considered the
best and it‘s no coincidence
that Valeriy knows all the
best tubes and where to get
them from Russia.
But hold on: Audolici am-
plifiers are not of the hand-
made category: yes, the
components on the board
are soldered manually and
all components are screwed
together manually as well.
But much more amazing is
the amount of real devel-
opment that has been gone
into the production of the
key components. The trans-
formers for example are pro-
duced by a Portuguese com-
pany specialized in this area.
Still, Audolici worked with
this company over years, re-
searching the best produc-
tion methods and properties
to build the finest transform-
ers for audiophile amplifiers.
It is not just about how to
wrap the coil: even the right
composition for the ferrite
core has been investigated.
Another example is the
black finishing of the case.
Yes it is black, but it is nei-
ther piano shiny black, which
perfectly reproduces any fin-
gerprints, nor is it the matte
kind of black, which looks a
bit cheap. It is of the perfect
smooth black kind, which I
honestly never encountered
before. Again, the reason for
this unusual finishing comes
from the fact that Audolici re-
searched the most advanced
materials and surface finish-
ing techniques available and
established partnerships to
1. The Audolici aplifier A1/25 in its full glory in the audiophile test room
2. This room not only has very good acoustic properties: it features the
unbelievable JBL Olympus C 50 speaker. Yes, they are big but what great sound
comes out of them. The small tweeters on top of the speakers complement them
perfectly and despite their size they feature an amazing weight of around 3 Kg
3. The Audolici A1/25 was tested with the Sony CDP-X77ES, one of the best CD
players ever built by Sony.
both develop and produce
the finishing of the casing.
The result is a work of art
and I have witnessed myself
this commitment to excel-
lence, because Valeriy is not
unknown to me, as he lives
like me in Porto and our pro-
fessional paths have crossed
many times in the past.
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