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Audiolici A1/25
Hi-Fi audio amplifier
Audiolici, Centro de Empresas NET,
Edifício PROMONET, Rua de Salazares 842,
4149-002 Porto, Portugal
4 (CD / TUNER / AUX 1 / AUX 2)
Power output
A1 2 x 20W
A1/25 2 x 25W
Loudspeaker impedance
4-6 Ω or 6-8 Ω
Total harmonic distortion
@ 1W, 1000Hz 0,4%
@ 10W, 1000Hz 0,8%
@ 20W, 1000Hz 2,5%
Frequency response
28Hz – 20 KHz / ±1,5dB @ 20W
Input impedance
47 kΩ
Input sensitivity
1,57 V
Output impedance
0,4 Ω
Signal-to-noise ratio
Damping factor
10 @ 1KHz
Channel separation
50dB @ 1KHz
Overall Negative Feedback
Power consumption
Dimensions (W x H x D)
435 x 96 x 345 mm
Input terminal
Gold plated RCA
Black, white and grey
09-10/2013 —
TELE-audiovision International —
What can I say about the
amplifier? It is incredible!
You experience music in a
whole new context. It is as if
one has seen his life through
a matte glass, thinking that
the sight was the normal
one, when suddenly this
glass is removed and you see
the world in a sharpness and
clarity like never before. This
is how it felt to me. But just
as you suddenly can see the
image crystal clear you start
to notice all faults as well.
Suddenly you realize how
bad mp3 actually sounds,
due to the compression ar-
tefacts. Any mp3 file with a
bitrate of less than 320MBPS
simply makes no fun at all to
listen to. Worse, one even
discovers that some CDs do
not sound so great either, be-
cause they have been badly
produced. All this can not be
noticed using a regular mu-
sic player. To test the A1/25
I have therefore resorted
to well-known recordings,
which have been exception-
ally well produced, meaning
for example that you can lo-
cate all instruments in space:
I have listened to these
albums at home using CDs
(with internal and external
DAC) and using the media
player (with the V-DACII).
It was now time to repeat
the listening in an audio-
phile environment. While
the A1/25 was very tolerant
with my speakers, CD player
and theV-DACII, I wanted to
see the hidden power of this
valve amplifier when it had
to feed proper audiophile
speakers. I was lucky to be
able to use a truly legendary
classic audiophile speaker,
the JBL Olympus C 50. As a
CD player a Sony CDP-X77ES
was used.
Here the A1/25 could re-
ally show what‘s in it. I was
already impressed with the
sound quality in my home but
now the A1/25 just produced
a state of euphoria. It‘s so
amazing to listen to well-
known CDs on this system. It
is as if you were there, in the
middle of the action - see my
listening experience in the „
Testing the Audiolici with the
Best Available CDs“ section.
No question, the Audolici
A1/25 reproduces a well-
balanced sound with a spec-
tacular space. You close your
eyes and can position the in-
dividual instruments around
you. Especially acoustic in-
struments benefit from the
valve amplifier.
The Audolici A1/25 is a
masterpiece in its category.
Audolici has developed an
amplifier that brings enthu-
siasm among audiophiles
and yet at the same time this
unit is affordable to a wider
audience. The industry has
neglected Hi-Fi sound in fa-
vour of the visual stimulation.
Modern homes feature large
TVs in HD resolution and sur-
round sound, but with our
ears we can achieve quicker
and deeper relaxation and
immersion in emotions. I
wholeheartedly recommend
to all ourTELE-audiovision
readers to seek a demon-
stration of a real audiophile
system, preferably of this
amazing amplifier. Even if
you have no interest or pos-
sibility to buy it you should at
least try it out and I am sure
you‘ll hear the difference it
makes to listen to a real out-
standing audio system.
Inside of the A1/25. The
tidiness is the result of
yearlong research and
development. As expected,
the amplifier is mainly
symmetrically build. Here, the
tubes are installed vertically,
a unique concept. The two
transformers have been
especially designed.
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