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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 1 -12/2013
laysia there are another 100 workers.“
GlobalInvacom has 60 engineers in
their R&D group and they focus on new
products and the further development
of existing products. „14 engineers in
the R&D group work on the FibreIRS
product line.“ This is quite amazing
considering that at the beginning of Fi-
breIRS development in 2007 there was
A monitor in the main reception area
shows the FibreIRS system in action with
the pictures then being relayed by the new
wireless link.
only one single developmental engi-
It comes as no surprise that GlobalIn-
vacom consistently introduces new fi-
bre optic products. „We‘re opening a
completely new segment within the fi-
bre optic system with a converter set
that would take the frequency range
starting at 87 MHz all the way up to
2300 MHz and convert it into the opti-
cal range. This product is ideal for the
transmission of a single satellite po-
larization level simultaneously with ter-
restrial signals.“ In this way GlobalIn-
vacom‘s fibre optic system will also be
compatible with C-band systems where
usually only one polarization level
would be carried.
„Especially interesting is the very low
price of this new system consisting of
the coax-fibre converter and the cor-
responding fibre-coax converter“, com-
ments Ivan Horrocks. „You don‘t even
need any special knowledge of fibre
optics in order to install this system
and thanks to this system you can span
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