TELE-audiovision - Weltweit größte Digital TV Fachzeitschrift - page 49

1 -12/2013 —
TELE-audiovision International —
Toolbox Software
42. Thanks to the S7000’s Ethernet port
it is possible to access the data captured
through an FTP client.
43. Naturally, the same can be done using
the Deviser Toolbox software, which
allows to edit the channel lists and satellite
transponder as well.
44. Editing the satellite transponder lists
is really easy, but Deviser did a good job
maintaining them updated, so there really
was nothing to edit: the S7000 features all
worldwide satellite transponder lists.
45. Editing the terrestrial channels is no
challenge either, and again all channel
plans worldwide are predefined.
46. Amazingly, the Toolbox software is
not only capable of downloading and
displaying the screenshots taken during
measurements. If you instead store the
actual data, the measurements can be
rendered with the toolbox software instead.
This provides additional functionality,
since markers can be moved, etc. Also, the
technician taking the measurements does
not have to worry about specific readings
for the report – they can be generated with
the stored data and you don’t even need
the meter to do that: just transfer the data
using the network or a USB memory and
the meter is ready to be used for the next
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