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01-02/2014 —
TELE-audiovision International —
5. Close-up view of the Catline
TVB-02. Setup is simple – you just
plug it in, attach the RF cable with
CATV, DVB-C, DVB-T/T2, etc. Attach
the network cable on one of the
four RJ-45 connectors and that’s it.
Make sure to fit the special RJ-45
terminators in the vacant slots.
6. The solution looks very tidy and it
does not matter which cable (network
or TV) is inserted in which port of the
RJ45 splitter. It just works.
7. Does it work? Yes it does! The
meter shows the whole spectrum
and all channels can be received.
Readers paying attention will notice
that I have not perfectly equalized
the tilt: transponders decrease their
levels slightly as the frequency goes
up. Fortunately the Catline TVB-02
provides a TILT knob to adjust this.
8. To prove that the TV signal can
really be used, I tuned into several
analogue CATV channels and DVB-C
transponders. Too little or too much
amplification will both result in a not
so good signal. Also, equalization
with the TILT knob makes much
difference. Having the separate TEST
connector is a blessing: it provides
the signal with -20dB attenuation. This
makes it possible to setup the signal
while you are actually working at the
Catline TVB-02. Hook up the meter
and tune the amplification and TILT
for perfect results. A clever idea by
Macab as otherwise you would have to
constantly run back and forth between
the Catline TVB-02 and the network
9. Satisfied with my quick test I wanted
to put the Catline TVB-02 to use in a
bigger networking environment, so I
set it up in one of the network racks
in the office. Again, as long as you
can provide the original TV signal in
a coaxial cable, setting up the Catline
TVB-02 is a quick job. Just plug in
the network cables and off you go.
This time I just unplugged the cables
from the switch and into the Catline
TVB-02. The network socket provides
now a TV signal instead of the network
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