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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 01-02/2014
Terrestrial Antenna
In the old times, terrestrial
TV reception was firmaly as-
socciated with regular TV-
sets. Not so anymore! Today
there is a wide choice of USB
tuners available, to be con-
nected to portable devices
such as laptops. This trans-
forms the laptop into a full
TV set.
However, what is still miss-
ing in such a setup is a small
and portable terrestrial TV
antenna. Only with a suitable
antenna you can say you are
really flexible and can watch
TV anywhere. But of course,
exactly such antennas are
also available nowadays. For
this report we picked a mod-
el from the very inventors
of TV antennas: Dr. Yagi in-
vented the principle already
in 1926. Today, Yagi is part
of the Hitachi group and they
manufacture a small port-
able UHF antenna under the
FLEMO brand.
The FLEMO antenna is not
only small but it is even col-
lapsible, so you can trans-
port it without any problem
in a notebook bag. When un-
folded, it is 250 mm long, 95
mm high and 35 mm deep.
In such state, it acts like a
regular dipole and has a
typical “8 shaped” horizontal
radiation pattern. However,
you can fold each arm of the
dipole in the middle of their
length and form a rhomboi-
dal antenna which has more
or less omnidirectional char-
acteristics. This can be use-
ful when you live in a place
when TV reception is pos-
sible from more than one
direction, from transmitters
placed in different locations.
Thanks to a plastic clip
the FLEMO can easily be at-
tached to the edge of the
laptop monitor. The attached
extensive User Manual has a
number of drawings showing
how to attach the antenna to
the monitor. Normally, you
FLEMO Indoor UHF Antenna
Well designed small portable antenna
with excellent results
Very Small Indoor UHF Antenna
will do that on the top edge
of the monitor. Consequen-
tially, the dipole will then
receive signals in horizontal
polarization. But if you need
to receive the vertical polari-
zation its all the same: just
attach the FLEMO not to the
top edge but to one of the
side edge of the monitor.
Because the FLEMO has
been equipped with a thin
and flexible coaxial cable it
is very easy to arrange all
the cabling around the lap-
top. Our test sample of the
FLEMO was equipped with
an F connector. Most TV tun-
ers come with an IEC socket,
but this is a minor problem:
suitable adaptors are readily
At first, the FLEMO an-
tenna felt and looked to us
rather fragile. But after fold-
ing and unfolding it a num-
ber of times we gained a lot
of confidence that it would
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