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— 03-04/2014
all this, we met him in his executive of-
fice at the company’s new headquarters
in Dongguan.
Dongguan is located roughly halfway
between Shenzhen and Guangzhou,
which is also the capital of the Chinese
province of Guangdong (known by many
as Canton). The area boasts a strikingly
beautiful natural landscape with a num-
ber of extensive nature reserves. One of
the most impressive features of the re-
gion is lake SongShan, right in the mid-
dle of a vast park.
Not far from that tranquil place is a
high-tech industrial park with Hwadar
new company headquarters and pro-
duction premises - Dongguan Dongshi
New Material.
But let’s not lose sight of our snow-
ball analogy. Hwadar was first formed in
1988 when introduced the technology
and production equipment from Prode-
lin. Prodelin high-quality dishes had
always been made of fiberglass, and
Hwadar has not changed that elemen-
tary material choice since. “We use SMC
as our base material,” Chief Enginner
Zhong Zhi Ming tells us. SMC is short for
Sheet Moulding Compound and refers to
fiberglass mats delivered as 3 mm thick
endless stacks and from which satellite
dishes are formed with the help of hy-
dropress under high temperature and
SMC mats are sourced from Chinese
company Zhenshi Group (, which became the world’s
largest fiberglass producer in 2008.
With Hwadar being a major bulk buyer
for Zhenshi Group fiberglass the next
logical step was to arrange a closer co-
operation between the
two companies. So the
snowball grew bigger again. “In 1996
Hwadar only owned 2 press machines,
nowadays Hwadar posseses dozens
of professional equipment and assets
worth over one hundred million yuan,
which all attributes to the long-term
unremitting efforts, hardwork, and win-
win cooperation based on the Snowball
effect,” Wang Dan - a member of staff
at Hwadar since 1996 - explains.
By cooperating with a global leading
fiber glass manufacturer, Hwadar is able
to get the highest quality materials and
quality assurance.
Hwadar not only produces satel-
lite dishes from fiberglass but also ad-
ditional products which use the same
source material, such as housings for
satellite uplinks and innovative small
weather-proof houses for meteorologi-
cal stations. Sports enthusiasts will be
surprised to find out that table tennis
tables as well as boards for basketball
baskets are also manufactured at the
very same site.
“50% of our output consists of sat-
ellite dishes, which are available in di-
ameters ranging from 35 cm to 3.7 m,”
General Manager Wang Dan continues.
“In the year 2012 we produced a total of
200,000 satellite dishes, 80% of which
had a diameter of 45 cm.”
The current plant equipment can
handle an annual output of one million
dishes. But this figure alone does not
do justice to the actual capacity of the
production facility, since it also includes
large segment and panel dishes.
“Our range of large dishes is designed
1. The snowball effect. General
Manager Wang Dan pointing at
Chinese characters explaining the
snowball effect, which is his guiding
principle for running the company.
for professional and commercial cus-
tomers, since the quality of the material
we use is exceptional.”
General Engineer Zhong Zhi Ming tells
us why this is the case: “Contrary to
metal dishes, our SMC fiberglass sat-
ellite dishes don’t get rusted and can
have a much longer service life, which
is typically above 10 - 15 years. What’s
more, our high-temperature and heavy-
pressure shaped reflectors always keep
their shape and are very buckling resist-
ant with high accuracy, which is espe-
cially relevant for the Ka–band and Vsat
antennas. This way, SMC dishes made
by Hwadar boast excellent accuracy,
high performance and durability with a
longer service life, thanks to fiberglass.”
This now brings us to the core of the
matter: For many years price has been
the deciding factor for or against a cer-
tain satellite dish. These days, however,
it’s all about quality. Ideal conditions for
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