TELE-audiovision - Weltweit größte Digital TV Fachzeitschrift - page 78

TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 03-04/2014
8. DtGrabber+ is a tool to record Transport
Streams. It does not matter where those
streams come from: just select the
appropriate adapter or IP address and
you’re set to go. In this case, the selection
is obvious: the DTA-2138 is the selected
input adapter.
9. Recording can be started and stopped
manually, by means of a timer or remotely.
For the currently active adapter, you can
select between available modulations
and then set the reception frequency.
Most other reception parameters are set
10. For professionals, logging is
important to backtrack what went wrong
in case of an error. DtGrabber+ offers
such logging into simple text files, which
is the best format, as it can be easily
processed further on.
11. When it comes to record Transport
Streams to hard disk you have to be careful
to not fill the hard disk up to 100%, as this
could cause severe system problems.
Again, DtGrabber+ offers comprehensive
functionality to alert before such a situation
12. Files can be created with automatic
naming and you may automatically erase
old files.
13. IT professionals never sleep and use
smartphones, which are always connected
to the internet. It makes all sense that you
can send SNMP traps, if something goes
14. Here you configure if you want to
resume a recording schedule automatically.
15. Should the Transport Streams be stored
in raw mode? This will write all empty PIDs
with lots of &H00 bytes, increasing file
size. You normally would skip those PIDs,
but when you want to have a 1:1 recording
of the output, the check box needs to be
16. Is the hardware working? Just call the
Adapter Information window! Yes all is
working fine.
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