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How toset up tailor-made test
environments – all by yourself
TELE-audiovision readers have come
to know and appreciate DekTec as a
specialist for digital signal measure-
ment. The range of products on offer
includes PCI, PCI Express and USB-
based receivers for existing digital TV
signals worldwide, as well as corres-
ponding modulators to create all tho-
se signal types from scratch. Added
to that are software applications for
Windows which can be used to analyse,
modulate, demodulate and even multi-
plex signals – without requiring an IT
degree from their users. What’s more:
Any combination of DekTec hardware
and software can be chosen, since they
areall designed toworkwitheachother
nomatter how youmatch them.
While this alone is a unique proposi-
tion, DekTec goes the extra mile and
offers a dedicated application pro-
gramming interface (API) for almost
all of its hardware components. Using
those APIs, software developers can
easily compile specific applications in
a very short time. Need an example?
Perhaps you’re looking for multiplexing
a DVB-S2 satellite signal with a ter-
1. Theoriginal sample source codebyDekTecwritten inC#. All themagichappenswith the
line “usingDTAPINET;”. Thisgives access to the functionalityof all DekTecproducts.
We introduced theDekTecModulator DTU-215 inTELE-
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