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nal compiled program from
withinaDOS shell. Not really
However, the source code
isnot complexat all. Actually
it is quite amazing, how sim-
ple it is, thanks to the well
done DTAPI. I quickly took
the source code and built a
Windows Form application
around it, so that the user
can actually select the desi-
red file to be streamed by
the DekTec modulator. Here
you can download my sam-
ple code:
It did not take much thin-
king to change the device
from the initial DTA-2111 (for
PCI Express) to the DTU-215
Gold (USB)modulator, which
I have in the TELE-audiovisi-
on test center.
In less than one hour, I
had my own Windows appli-
cation that uses theDTU-215
Gold modulator. And I have
to confess that I amnot very
literate in Visual C#, as I
ammuch more familiar with So hey, why not con-
vert the source code from
C# to It only took a
few minutes, thanks to on-
line converters that do ex-
actly that. The only struggle
was that expects the
prefix DTAPINET before cer-
tain parameter calls, as op-
posed to C#: I had tomanu-
ally change it:
Outp.SetTxCont rol (DTAPI .
Amazingly, I could now
just use my familiar
environment to finishmy ap-
plication and guess what, it
turned out great. Instead of
having to use the StreamX-
press application to control
the DTU-215 Gold modula-
tor, I can now use my own
application, which is precon-
figured to output the DVB-T
stream (for those who don’t
know the DTU-215, this mo-
dulator can generate practi-
cally all digital TV modula-
tions). Much less buttons to
tweak and instead I candrag
and drop *.TS files in the
playlist. I think that I could
soon be programming really
great applications with the
DTAPI SDK and if I can do
it, anyonewho has program-
med a few lines of code can
do, as well.
Why settlewith a standard
product for broadcasting/
distribution or HF product
development, when you can
build your custom product
matching exactly your speci-
fic needs?
7-8. Does it work?Sure it does. Just drag the *.TSfiles tomy
application andpress theplaybutton.
9. Use theslider to change theoutput frequency.
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