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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 07-08/2014
18. Instead of the MatrixTV operating system, the standard Android
OS can be installed in the Matrix ARM mini PC as well.
19. Main menu of the Xbox Media Center under Android.
20. List of all installed Android apps.
21. The Matrix ARM mini PC can easily be hooked up to the local
Wi-Fi network.
22. Android language settings.
23. Google Play Store
24. Web browser under Android.
25. Image viewer.
26. Media player for video files.
27. DivX video playback.
28. WMV video playback.
29. TS video playback.
30. Android app manager
31. Android dashboard with freely selectable apps.
32. YouTube
33. MP3 audio playback.
34. Android widgets can be shown and used as well.
about the Matrix being a
fully-fledged mini PC is the
fact that alternative operat-
ing systems such as Android
or various Linux distribu-
tions etc. can be installed in
place of the default software.
You should note, however,
that only MatrixTV, Android
and Ubuntu are available for
download as pre-packaged
versions through ‘official’ Te-
now channels.
If you intend to install new
software or update the cur-
rently running operating sys-
tem, Tenow has come up with
a brilliant yet easy solution –
a USB OTG interface. OTG is
short for on the go and ena-
bles direct communication
between two PCs using their
respective USB ports. Sounds
rather technical? Well, it really
isn’t. To give you a real-world
example, the Matrix ARM mini
PC can be connected directly
via USB to a MS Windows PC,
which in turn identifies the
mini PC as an external stor-
age medium. With special
software provided by TBS Te-
now it is then almost child’s
play to transfer any required
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