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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 07-08/2014
operating system component
from the MS Windows PC to
the mini PC. During our in-
depth test we carried out that
procedure dozens of times
(no exaggeration!) and never
encountered even the slight-
est flaw, let alone a software
freeze or forced re-start. The
only thing that must be tak-
en care of is the DIP switch,
which must be changed from
Run (regular operation) to
Burn (update mode). The ac-
tual software installation is
then only a matter of minutes.
The default MatrixTV soft-
ware supplied by Tenow is
based on a basic Linux frame
with added drivers to create
an easy-to-use control inter-
face, namely that of the Xbox
Media Center. Unfortunately,
however, the nicely designed
Xbox Media Center itself can-
not be used to adjust basic
settings of an external DVB
receiver, such as changing the
DiSEqC configuration or per-
forming a channel search. Te-
now therefore had to whizz up
a small work-around, which
is called Matrix Configurator
and consists of a user inter-
face that vaguely resembles
the BIOS. If you need to ac-
cess that configurator all you
have to do is press any button
while the Matrix ARM mini PC
is booting.
This will provide you with all
basic settings in a clear lay-
out, including OSD language
with a vast range of available
options, network parameters,
audio output settings, acti-
vation or deactivation of the
built in IR receiver, as well as
all options that are required
for customising the external
DVB receiver so that it meets
personal preferences or re-
quirements. DiSEqC protocols
1.0, 1.1 and 1.2 are avail-
able, which means that more
or less any satellite reception
setup will work with the Matrix
ARM mini PC. In addition, the
list of pre-programmed LOF
values should please any con-
Android Apps
35. Google Play Store
36. If the Matrix ARM mini
PC runs with the Android
operating system, users can
easily access the content
libraries of a wide range of TV
37. Live TV with the Germany
TV app under Android – in this
case the TV stream is fed from
the Internet, rather than from
an external DVB receiver.
38. Germany TV App
39. CBS Sports App
40. ZDF content library.
41. NOS content library.
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