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09-10/2014 —
TELE-audiovision International —
Ian Robinson is Group Managing Director of The IMC Group and now also leading
signal meter manufacturer HORIZON
The IMC Group's HQ in Letchworth (Herfordshire) in the North of London
can be downloaded to either a single
PC, IT network or to the Internet.
Shock sensor and re-
corder assisting with damage preven-
tion. Shock, vibration and unaccepta-
ble environmental conditions can cause
damage. By monitoring shock critical
goods in place or in transit, SHOCK-
LOG enables users to not only reduce
potential hazards and risks associated
with critical damage but also the costly
repairs and replacements after irrepa-
rable damage has ocurred.
Provides preventa-
tive solutions for damaged cargo. The
SHOCKWATCH range is deployed by
thousands of the world’s largest com-
panies to detect shipment damage,
whether that is impact, temperature
and/or tilt. SHOCKWATCH are self ad-
hesive devices that stick directly onto
the package and are activated for the
length of the journey.
Adding to these brands is now HORI-
ZON, which designs, manufacture and
distribute high quality satellite, cable
and terrestrial signal strength meters.
HORIZON now has repair and service
centers in the UK, Germany, USA and
The acquisition of HORIZON fits per-
fectly into the specialisation in elec-
tronic instrumentaion of The IMC Group
and strong brand identity. HORIZON is
currently based only 30 minutes from
IMC’s UK HQ and will be quickly inte-
grated into The IMC Group at its Letch-
worth facility to ensure the smoothest
adoption takes place, and full assis-
tance will be given to all employees to
ensure the whole experience is as posi-
tive as possible.
IMC Group Managing Director Ian
Robinson said:
“IMC has doubled in size
due to our focus on new technology as
proactive designers and creators of in-
novative instrumentation products and
this latest acquisition fits ideally into
our future expansion plans and brings
to the Group an opportunity to diver-
sify with a new range of products in
different markets, with the benefit of a
strong brand name.“
He added:
“The IMC Group was
formed and subsequently grown from
a series of mergers and acquisitions
and we shall be continuing that growth
both organically and by further acquisi-
TELE-audiovision is preparing a
more detailed Company Report on IMC
for a later magazine issue.
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