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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Leading Digital TV Industry Publication
— 09-10/2014
50. Image viewer
51. Recording controls
52. The screen content of an
Android-based smartphone or
tablet can be transmitted to the
Amiko A3 using the Miracast
53. Using the Amiko A3 to
display the content of an
Android-based smartphone on
the TV panel at home
54. A huge range of games is
available for downloading to the
Amiko A3
55. Weather app
56. Voice-controlled operation
of the Amiko A3
pressed and say the name
of the channel you’re looking
for. The receiver software will
pick up your request and will
immediately display all cor-
responding channels that are
available. Press OK if the one
you want is included and start
watching it in the blink of an
eye. This all worked amazing-
ly well during our test, even
using different languages.
And while we’re at it, the
OSD keyboard of the Amiko
A3 does not only come with
Latin characters, but also
with Cyrillic and Arabic letters
by default. This means users
in regions where those lan-
guages are spoken can work
with this receiver right away
and don’t have to download
and install extension packs to
localize the software.
Even in channel list view
concise EPG information on
the currently selected chan-
nel is presented. The same is
true whenever you switch to
a new channel, when an info
bar is shown for a short time.
Obviously, you can easily look
up extended EPG information
as well, which either provides
details on the current and
next events of seven chan-
nels at a time, or can be set
to display the entire schedule
of a single channel.
Channel switching of the
Amiko A3 is very fast and
never takes more than one
second. Video and audio qual-
ity are just as brilliant and
leave nothing to be desired.
In terms of convenience fea-
tures, this receiver sports a
clever timer function giving
users a range of repeat timer
options, complete with au-
tomatic after-run and a host
of additional useful features.
You might want to know that
the Amiko A3 does not come
with dedicated PVR buttons
on the remote control. All
those features (playback,
fast forward, rewind, etc.) are
controlled with the OK button
and the arrow keys.
We did like the editing func-
tions provided for the channel
list, which are very efficient
and sport an easy-to-use lay-
out and design. It’s always a
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