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09-10/2014 —
TELE-audiovision International —
If you‘ve ever installed a
satellite system, you already
know that it‘s not easy to
unroll coax cable. If this is
your job and you do this on a
regular basis, it can become
frustrating. „Longer lengths
of cable can easily get tan-
gled up in knots and it can be
a chore to untangle it all“, is
what you‘ll hear from every
installer. „Coax cable should
not be bent too sharply so you
should be careful when unty-
ing any knots or, better yet,
don‘t let the cable get knotted
up at all.“ This age-old prob-
lem on how to properly unroll
coax cable was solved in an
ingenious way by the com-
pany PerfectVision: the En-
viroReel Cable Management
Solution - an enclosed cable
reel with many additional fea-
Chrispin Bowen is the En-
viroReel product manager
and has been responsible
for working with DIRECTV to
bring the EnviroReel Solution
PerfectVision - EnviroReel
Makes the installation of coax cable
by installers much more efficient
to market. They also distrib-
ute installation supplies that
Pay TV installers in the USA
need for their work. „Our
products are all checked out
and approved for use by the
satellite operator DIRECTV.“
Or, to put it another way, any-
one that wants to install sat-
ellite systems for DIRECTV
must use products approved
by DIRECTV. Because of this
PerfectVision operates six
warehouses across the USA
that store all the products
a DIRECTV installer would
need. These products would
then be delivered from these
warehouses to local install-
Chrispin Bowin describes
the system to us: „DIRECTV
utilizes a network of owned
and affiliated installation com-
panies. The affiliated instal-
lation companies are known
as Home Services Providers,
that account for the balance
of the overall network.“
DIRECTV places a premium
on the employees’ safety as
well as the importance of en-
vironmental culture and by
supervising the installation
process DIRECTV can active-
ly shape this culture in close
cooperation with its supplier,
PerfectVision, who provide to
the DIRECTV installation net-
work all the necessary mate-
rial. „Officially, PerfectVision
is the manufacturer of these
products and the company
Perfect10 does the actual
shipping of these products“,
expands Chrispin Bowen on
the specifics.
One of PerfectVision‘s
warehouses can be found in
Fontana, east of Los Angeles,
in California. Here they store
DIRECTV satellite dishes, the
matching LNBs, masts, angle
brackets, smaller parts such
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