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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Leading Digital TV Industry Publication
— 09-10/2014
5. A locked metal box is reserved for each satellite installer.
The installers each let headquarters know what supplies are
needed and every Thursday morning each installer loads his
van with those supplies. The white rolls are spare coax cable
rolls for the EnviroReel. Each roll consists of 1000 feet (300
meters) of cable.
6. How does a satellite installer know where to go and install
a satellite system? Very simple: he logs into the system via a
mobile DIRECTV App and then finds out to which customers
he has to drive to. In this way each technician can stay in
touch with their headquarters through a Samsung Smartphone
that each technician was given back in October 2013. "It allows
us to optimize the technicians workload", explains supervisor
Alex Talentino, "and also lets us see where each technician is
located. As soon as another job comes in we can use the GPS
data and how much estimated time is remaining on a current
job to determine which technician should be dispatched to
the new job." In this way, downtime is minimized; this makes
sense for the technicians since they get paid by the job, not by
the hour.
7. This is Jose Torres, one of DIRECTV's satellite installers. He
came up with the idea to put the used rolls of EnviroReel coax
cable in a bucket. Jose has used this recyclable reel part in a
reusable way, which complies with a reduce/reuse/ recycle,
sustainability practice. This was an unexpected side effect of
the EnviroReel.
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