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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Leading Digital TV Industry Publication
— 09-10/2014
14. In Fontana, east of Los
Angeles, can be found one
of PerfectVision's six USA
warehouses. All of the satellite
installers that set up DIRECTV
systems are supplied from
here. The EnviroReel Cable
Management Solution is
currently being deployed with
operators in Canada, Latin
America, and the Middle East.
PVM is expecting expansion
into Europe in 2015.
15. Chrispin Bowin is
PerfectVision's Product
Manager and worked with
PVM's Engineering team
for the conception and
development of the EnviroReel.
He and his team visited nearly
300 locations across the USA.
to explain the new system.
"The original idea for the
EnviroReel came to life in the
summer of 2012 and by April
of 2013 the EnviroReel was put
into service. Since then more
than 500,000 coax cable rolls
were used!" That's almost
95,000 miles (150,000 km).
Chrispin Bowen to us.
Because of this Strategic
Partnership with DIRECTV,
PerfectVision is not just sit-
ting back and relaxing but this
is precisely what the company
doesn‘t do. „With EnviroReel
we‘ve developed a cable dis-
penser that makes the job of
an installer more efficient“,
says Chrispin Bowen, co-de-
veloper of the EnviroReel who
is consistently working on im-
proving it.
Oddly enough, the work ef-
ficiency of the installer was
not the original idea behind
the development of the En-
viroReel. „Coax cable is typi-
cally shipped in boxes. When
a roll is used up, the empty
box is left over. But with so
much cable being used, there
were a large number of empty
boxes that were simply tossed
away.“ The original idea was
to reduce this waste by pack-
ing the cable in such a way
for satellite installers so as to
minimize the number of boxes
that would end up in the trash.
„But as we started working
on this concept we realized
that we could greatly simplify
and optimize the entire pro-
cess.“ The result is a multi-
functional solution for one
problem that has been around
as long as coax cable itself:
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