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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Leading Digital TV Industry Publication
— 09-10/2014
Positioner for Big Satellite Dish
The Best Way to Move your
Big Dish to any Position
The Titanium ASC1 is a
true heavy-duty dish po-
sitioner. It’s appearance is
very impressive; much dif-
ferent from those common
positioners that come in
small plastic boxes. It actu-
ally looks like it was built for
military use: heavy, mas-
sive and robust; any satellite
enthusiast’s heart will jump
just looking at it - at least
our hearts went into over-
The internal components
are protected by two heavy
steel plates with the product
name Titanium engraved on
the top. These plates have
a hole on each side large
enough for your hands that
lets you easily carry the Ti-
tanium ASC1. You can even
take the positioner right up
to the dish when setting it
up (i.e. to define the limits
of the actuator). The over-
all design looks great and is
very practical.
The Titanium’s case is
painted in a matt black color
and the front features an
unusually large LCD display
capable of displaying 4 lines
with 20 characters each –
more than enough to com-
pletely control every func-
tion. To the left side of the
display are the buttons that
let you navigation within
the menu structure as well
as two big buttons to drive
the dish east and west. The
front panel also contains the
IR-receiver for the remote
control. Spoiler alert: you do
not need to read the manual
Titanium ASC1 Positioner
Best positioner on the market and a real
bargain in terms of versatility, functionality
and sheer construction quality
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