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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Leading Digital TV Industry Publication
— 09-10/2014
Editor Software
The Titanium Loader/Editor soft-
ware which we used to upgrade the
firmware can be used to edit and cus-
tomize the Titanium ASC1’s satellite
configuration. It wouldn’t make sense
to try to edit satellite names on the
Titanium itself, at least it would not
be a comfortable thing to do.
Using the PC is much better and
quicker, especially because the Tita-
nium website offers complete satel-
lite lists for different regions. These
lists are *.CSV files, which can be
edited using Excel. This means that
you could, for example, get your de-
sired satellite list from your favorite
listings website and adjust it to the
required format using Excel.
The format is simple; it contains
just four columns: the name of the
satellite with up to 14 characters, the
position (number of actuator impuls-
es), the horizontal skew and the ver-
tical skew (both as an angle).
We enjoyed this widely open format
and noticed that the Titanium Load-
er/Editor software is very straight
forward to use, too. You can down-
load the satellite configuration from
the Titanium ASC1 or upload to it.
These processes take about a minute
and it feels very reassuring to have a
backup of the satellite configuration
on a PC.
This allows maintaining multiple
profiles in case you really need more
than 99 satellite configurations (or
200 satellite configurations with the
soon to be released new firmware).
You could have a Ku-band profile
and a C-band profile and swap it as
3. Excel could be used to edit this
satellite list for the Titanium ASC1
4. Another option is to edit the satellite
list with the Titanium Loader/Editor
grated 36V actuator control.
There are many enthusi-
asts out there that still use
these older receivers just to
move their dishes and use
modern receivers to watch
TV. These same enthusiasts
probably wouldn’t want to
part with their modern re-
ceiver; instead they could
replace their old receiver/
positioner with this modern
version and keep everything
else just the same, especial-
ly since the modern receiver
may already be set up with
custom satellite settings and
thousands of channels.
However, the Titanium
ASC1 also supports DiS-
EqC-1.2. This would let you
hide the ASC1 out of view
and control everything via
DiSEqC 1.2 commands that
are supported by all of to-
day’s modern receivers.
Thanks to the big LCD dis-
play, the Titanium ASC1 can
be used without being con-
nected to any TV or receiv-
er. Of course, normally you
would usually do this only
during the initial setup, but
the ASC1 makes it extremely
convenient: once the actua-
tor is connected to the dish,
you would want to be able
to drive the dish from east
to west and back again to
check the mechanical instal-
lation. You would also want
to be able set the hardware
limits of the actuator and
normally you would want
to set the software limits
as well. The Titanium ASC1
makes it possible to do all of
this without having to con-
nect a receiver. This is re-
ally an outstanding feature!
If you ever have to correct
something on your dish, you
The Titanium ASC1 is very heavy, so what's inside? A huge
transformer that will drive the biggest dish thanks to its 5 amp
output. We also found exceptionally well designed PCBs with
professional cables. Everything is assembled with great care.
Thumbs up to Titanium for excellent workmanship!
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