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09-10/2014 —
TELE-audiovision International —
can simply carry the solidly-
built Titanium ASC1 out to
the dish by one of its han-
dles. Then connect to the
actuator and a power source
- you’ll then be able to drive
the dish to any stored posi-
tion, reset the limits, etc.
And you don’t even have to
be right next to the Titanium
ASC1; just use the included
remote control. And yes, we
did try it: it works outside
under full sunlight.
In fact, to really check
out all of the capabilities of-
fered by the Titanium ASC1,
we paid a visit to one of the
best known satellite enthu-
siasts in Europe: ‘Feedsat’,
as he is known all over the
Internet forums and blogs.
Feedsat has quite a remark-
able garden in the South of
France: between perfectly
trimmed grass, a pond and
a swimming pool, you will
find two prime focus dishes,
one with a diameter of 3.1m
plus polar mount, the other
is currently 2.8m in diam-
eter (soon to be extended
to 3.2m and equipped with
a polar mount). There’s also
a 1.8m offset dish. All three
of these dishes are used for
the C-band, but the smaller
1.8m dish has a Ku-band
LNB as well.
Which of these dishes do
you think we selected for
testing the Titanium ASC1?
Of course we opted for Feed-
sat’s largest dish, the Wine-
gard 10’ Pinnacle TVRO 3.1m
dish, made in the USA. This
is a really huge and heavy
dish; the polar mount is mas-
sive and the installed actua-
tor is hungry for power. In
fact, most regular position-
ers would have a hard time
driving this dish and would
enter an over-current state.
If you keep overdriving it,
you might end up destroying
the device.
Not so with the Titanium
ASC1. After connecting the
wires, which only required a
few minutes, we were able
to drive the dish back and
forth without any effort. The
movement of the actuator
was always smooth and con-
To further test the Tita-
nium ASC1 in actual use we
5. Here‘s where we
conducted our test of
the Titanium ASC1. This
is where ‚Feedsat‘, a well
known satellite enthusiast,
has installed several large
dishes in the South of France.
On a side note: Feedsat’s
garden is the perfect example on
how to set up oversized dishes
without ruining the harmony. Note:
all cables run underground!
6. First we lined up our equipment:
a laptop, the Deviser S7000 meter,
the Titanium ASC1 and finally the old
positioner that Feedsat has been using
up until now for one of his dishes.
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