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Vitor Martins
Test Center
Titanium ASC1
Positioner for Big Satellite Dish
TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Leading Digital TV Industry Publication
— 09-10/2014
● Can provide 5A to drive the largest dishes
● Can be used as a stand-alone positioner (no need for a satel-
lite receiver)
● Full support of DiSEqC 1.2 commands
● PC programmable through RS-232
● None
motor and we definitely don’t
want to allow a satellite re-
ceiver to reset the settings
of a dedicated positioner.
Naturally, you can do a set-
tings reset on the Titanium
ASC1 itself by selecting the
corresponding menu option,
which then has to be con-
Finally, we set up the Ti-
tanium ASC1 in the shack
where it replaced Feedsat’s
existing age-old Echostar
AD2500IP receiver. The Tita-
nium ASC1 was setup as an
stand-alone positioner with-
out taking advantage of the
DiSEqC 1.2 capabilities and
Feedsat could start satellite
surfing with the Titanium
ASC1 just like he did before
with his Echostar.
The Titanium ASC1 can
store up to 99 satellite con-
figurations, storing for each
configuration the position
and the horizontal and ver-
tical skew rotation. You can
give each satellite configu-
ration a name of up to 14
characters, which should be
more than enough.
However, for a hardcore
satellite enthusiast, 99 sat-
ellite configurations may not
be quite enough when you
consider that in well served
locations such as in central
Europe you can receive an
amazing number of satellites
can use it for dishes both
small and large and it works
with any of your receivers.
Start with a small dish and
expand one by one to the
largest dish you can get and
the Titanium will be your po-
sitioner for all of them.
- at Feedsat’s location where
we performed our tests, 74
satellite positions from 76.0E
to 63.0W could be accessed
at the time of our test. With
a multi-feed configuration
using two LNBs (i.e. one Ku-
Band LNB in focus and one
C-Band on the side), you
now have 148 positions. So
we contacted Brian Gohl, the
owner of Titanium and devel-
oper of the positioner, and
he immediately responded
by promising to increase the
number of satellite positions
to 200 in the next firmware
One of the biggest advan-
tages of the Titanium ASC1
is its the versatility. You can
drive any oversized dish and
you can use it as a stan-
dalone or transparent DiSE-
qC 1.2 positioner – anything
is possible.
This is the definitive posi-
tioner; you buy it only once
and it will last a lifetime. You
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