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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Leading Digital TV Industry Publication

— 1 -12/2014

Web Frontend

23. SETTINGS – LAN SETTINGS: The LAN settings refer to the

CableWorld applications that allow controlling the CW-4412. While

you do need a Windows based PC, the application is very robust

and simple to use. Actually, I found both user interfaces useful and

actually quickly preferred to execute different tasks on one or the


24. SETTINGS – BACKUP & RESTORE: Being able to save and load

settings is mandatory for every professional device. CableWorld

has not let me down and provided this functionality in an easy to

access manner. This means that you can replicate a configuration

on different device or recover the configuration after a reset.

25. SETTINGS – FACTORY DEFAULTS: While I had no reason to

make use of the factory reset function, it is good to have it, should

you really end messing up completely the configuration of the

device or, more frequently, if you want to assign a new task to the

encoder: it is always best to start from scratch.

26. SETTINGS – SOFTWARE UPDATE: The firmware can naturally

be updated through the web-frontend.

27. HELP – HELP CONTENTS [ENG]: There it is. While the included

manual was just limited to two sheets of paper, explaining how

to open the web-frontend and where to load the PC applications

from, a full and extensive user manual is actually available on the

CW-4412’s web-frontend. This is clever, because it is exactly here,

where you actually need it.

muss das Videosignal innerhalb dieser Parameter analysie-

ren und komprimieren - ein sehr komplexer Prozess, beson-

ders wenn es in Echtzeit sein soll.

CableWorld erleichtert die Einstellung dieser Parameter:

zum einen nimmt der CW-4412 falsche oder unmögliche Pa-

rameter gar nicht erst an. Zum anderen zeigt er aber auch

die Formeln zur Berechnung an:

Video Bitrate >= Max. Video Bitrate

Video Bitrate >= Avg. Video Bitrate

1.5 x Avg. Video Bitrate <= Max. Video Bitrate

2 x Avg. Video Bitrate >= Max. Video Bitrate

0 < Min. Video Bitrate <= 0.75 x Avg. Video Bitrate

Und gibt auch die empfohlenen Werte an:

Max. Video Bitrate = 2 x Avg. Video Bitrate

Max. Video Bitrate + 2 Mbps <= Video Bitrate

Max. Video Bitrate + 4 Mbps >= Video Bitrate

Wenn die eingegebenenParameterpassen, nimmt der je-

weilige Encoder des CW-4412 diese an und der Stream wird

sofort entsprechend komprimiert.

Ich habe verschiedene Konfigurationen am laufenden

Betrieb ausprobiert und erstaunlicher Weise ist tatsäch-

lich keine Unterbrechung der Komprimierung notwendig.

Am Receiver machen sich die Änderungen nur durch kurze