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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Leading Digital TV Industry Publication

— 01-02/2015


C band LNBF


C band like the


Titanium Satellite C1W-PLL

Excellent price/quality ratio

for the satellite enthusiast

TELE-audiovision recent-

ly introduced the Titanium

Satellite ASC1, an excellent

positioner for big satellite

dishes. But Titanium Sat-

ellite, a newly established

powerhouse for high quality

products for the satellite en-

thusiast, has also developed

a brand new PLL-powered

LNBF, dedicated to C-Band

satellite enthusiasts as well

as professionals.

The abbreviation PLL

stands for Phase Locked

Loop, an electronic way to

provide extremely solid sig-

nal locks, even if you’re deal-

ing with weak signals, low

symbol rates or high FEC dig-

ital carriers. PLL based LNBs

are also immune to annoying


The first PLL Ku band LNB-

Fs appeared on the market in

2011. Titanium Satellite re-

acted quickly and developed

the first PLL LNBFs for the C-

Band and brought its model

C1PLL to the North Ameri-

can market in November of

2013. Today Titanium Satel-

lite sells a wideband version

covering 3.4GHz all the way

up to 4.2GHz. There are two

versions of the C-Band PLL

LNBF: the C1W-PLL is for sin-

gle cable applications while

the C2W-PLL is a twin LNBF

with two cable outputs. And

as recently as May of 2014,

Titanium Satellite introduced

their low cost “lite” versions

that are made using the

same PCB and components

but with a basic body and

scalar ring; it is rated to pro-

vide a stability of 100 kHz or

better compared to the 50

kHz of the regular model.

We decided to test the

single cable version C1W-

PLL LNBF since this is the

most commonly used LNBF

for the majority of those C-

Band enthusiasts who have

motorized dishes. Titanium

Satellite has taken extra

care and ships the C1W-PLL

LNBF securely in a high qual-

ity package instead of the

usual white box. Inside the

package we found the LNBF

surrounded by an extra lay-

er of protective cardboard,

the scalar ring designed for

prime focus dishes and a set

of screws to hold the scalar

ring in place.

Because we were going to

test the C1W-PLL on an off-

set dish, we were also sup-

plied with the matching Ti-

tanium Satellite CS1 conical

feedhorn scalar ring. This is

sold separately and comes

in a high quality package,

as well. Actually, we were

amazed at the sheer qual-

ity of this product consider-

ing its rather friendly price


The C1W-PLL looks similar

to other economic LNBFs but

it comes with an attached

heat sink to help keep its in-

ternal electronics cool. What

a clever idea!

In order to test how good

the C1W-PLL really is we once

again paid a visit to that well

known satellite enthusiast

‘Feedsat’. We had already

tested the Titanium Satel-

lite ASC1 positioner at his

location in southern France

(you can find out more about

it in our test report: www.