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01-02/2015 —

TELE-audiovision International —


titanium.pdf). This time we

wanted to evaluate the LNBF

on his 1.8-meter AS-1800

offset dish. This antenna

was perfect for our test

because it is a very popu-

lar C-Band dish with satel-

lite enthusiasts throughout

Europe. Also, the antenna

was already equipped with a

multi-feed rail. This allowed

us to perform the test where

the LNBF is not in the ideal

central focus position, but at

an angular offset of about 6


To get a better under-

standing of the C1W-PLL’s

performance, we pointed

our satellite dish to SES-6

at 40.5W and programmed

three C-band transponders

in a new satellite channel

list created for the Deviser

S7000 signal analyzer. We

selected three right circular


• 3803MHz, SR 26.680,

FEC 7/8

• 3660MHz, SR 2.960, FEC


Our test dish, an offset dish with 1.8m diameter.

The center is occupied by a Ku band LNB with

our reference LNBF on the right side and the new

Titanium Satellite C1W-PLL LNBF on the left side.