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05-06/2015 —

TELE-audiovision International —


delicate device, that’s why

Tekniksat as an option also

offers a dedicated rack for it.

To complete the system,

we needed a device located

at the other end of the op-

tic fiber cable – a converter

from light to RF electric

current. We used another

Tekniksat product: the TFM

41/10 C Optical Multiswitch.

Conversely to the optical

transmitter, it has only one

input but many outputs. Of

course, the input is an opti-

cal port and the output are

the F-connectors to which

coax cables are hooked up.

There are no less than 10

subscriber outputs to which

you can directly connect

satellite/terrestrial receiv-

ers. Additionally, there are

16 trunk outputs that regen-

erate the signals from the

four LNBs connected at the

other end of the system. You

can connect classical (coax)

multiswitches to these trunk

output and increase the

number of subscriber out-

puts if needed. There is one

additional input for a ter-

restrial signal that may be

used if this kind of signal is

not originally inserted at the

“top” of the system by the

optical transmitter.

The TFM 41/10 C Optical

Multiswitch has an exter-

nal power supply unit. The

workmanship of the mul-