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— 01-02/2013
DVB-T Modulator
DVB-T modulator
Most of us will surely re-
member that in the analog
age video signals were dis-
tributed via coax cables with
the help of a conventional
UHF or VHF modulator. Such
a device would have set you
back between a few and a
few hundred dollars, de-
pending on brand, specifica-
tions and overall quality.
Fair enough, but the
analog age is gone and it is
time now to look for suit-
able digital solutions. Why
go digital in the first place?
Well, how about high-reso-
lution video without all that
irritating signal interference
for a start!
The HD-MOD-001T from
Satson ships in a black case
measuring 24 x 21 x 4 cm
and does not weigh more
than 0.8 kg. It sports a two-
line backlit LCD display on
the upper side which on the
one hand provides a steady
flow of useful status infor-
mation, but – even more
importantly – can also be
used to program and control
the modulator in conjunc-
tion with six buttons located
right next to it (four arrow
keys, OK and Lock). In ad-
dition, Satson throws in an
RF-45 network socket that
allows remote access for
controlling and managing
the modulator via Telnet.
All other connection op-
tions can be found on the
bottom side of the HD-MOD-
001T and we can happily
state that the manufacturer
has followed a rather gener-
ous approach: HDMI input,
three RCA jacks for YUV as
well as three RCA jacks for
stereo audio and composite
video are available. Power to
Satson HD-MOD-001T
Smart solution for distributing
HD signals via an
existing coax cable network
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