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— 01-02/2013
for heavy-duty permanent
operation and can eas-
ily be wall-mounted or in-
tegrated into a distribution
rack thanks to its dedicated
mounting rails. In case of an
electrical power outage the
HD-MOD-001T will remem-
ber all of its exact settings
until power is up again and
will continue in precisely the
same operational state as
before the power failure.
Thanks to the external
power pack the modulator
itself does not heat up sig-
nificantly, which means fans
or cooling elements are not
While the manual that
Satson ships together with
the modulator is on the thin-
ner side, it does nonetheless
deal with most functions and
if you make a point of read-
ing it carefully you should be
able to set up and operate
the HD-MOD-001T without
further ado.
It only takes some 25 sec-
onds for the HD-MOD-001T
to boot, after which the de-
vice is fully operational and
can convert an input signal
coming from one of three
sources (YUV, HDMI or
CVBS) into an MPEG-2 signal
for distribution on a DVB-T
frequency. MPEG-4/H.264
is not supported and only
DVB-T is available as output
format, but neither of those
facts is an issue since this
modulator only produces a
single output channel with
up to 1080i, so that enough
bandwidth is always avail-
able. In addition, thanks to
distribution via coax cables
error correction is of only
minor importance in this
1. The channel name of any
created DVB-T channel can be
freely chosen
2. An HDTV channel originally
received via satellite can easily
be modulated into a DVB-T
frequency by the HD-MOD-001T
– without impairing the quality
3. PID values can be freely
determined by the user
4. Signals provided by a
satellite receiver in 1080i can
conveniently be modulated into
a DVB-T frequency
All settings and adjust-
ments can easily be made
right at the device with the
help of the four arrow keys
and the OK button. It takes
a little time to familiarise
oneself with the keys but
once that phase is over the
modulator is quite easy to
The main menu of the HD-
MOD-001T is made up of five
sections, namely RF Out-
put, Video, Audio, Stream
and System. As it turns out
the menu designations are
more or less self-explanato-
ry, which was all the more
impetus for us to start with
the RF Output sub-menu
and look at the parameters
of the DVB-T output signal.
Obviously, the manufac-
turer has tried to make this
product as universally com-
patible as possible, which
is why the following output
types are available: Euro-
pean UHF and VHF, Taiwan,
OC PAL, OC NTSC, as well as
Australian UHF and VHF. The
required output frequency
can be keyed in as channel
number, with the modulator
showing the corresponding
frequency in brackets.
Depending on the type of
cabling and signal distribu-
tion the output signal level
can be adjusted by 75 to 90
dBµV so that it will blend in
nicely with existing distri-
bution systems and cabling
The QPSK, QAM16 and
QAM64 modulation types
are available, with QAM64
offering the most available
bandwidth, of course.
This optimum bandwidth
comes at a price, however,
since a signal with QAM64
modulation is more interfer-
ence-prone due to its four
amplitudes and 16 different
phases. There is a work-
around, however, if you look
at all adjustment options in
the error correction field:
This modulator offers FEC
rates of 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 5/6
and 7/8, as well as Guard
Intervals of 1/4, 1/8, 1/16
and 1/32.
All things considered, you
should not expect a lot of
drama in terms of error cor-
the modulator is supplied by
an external 12V power unit
which is actually screwed
to the main case and thus
makes sure power cannot
be interrupted unintention-
ally. Thumbs up for such a
reliable construction!
In general, both the build
quality and the design phi-
losophy of the HD-MOD-
001T suggest right away
that we’re dealing with high-
quality equipment here.
We should also mention at
this stage that this modu-
lator does not come with a
mechanical power switch
which – for a change – is
a good sign in this case.
Why? Simply because the
HD-MOD-001T is designed
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