01-02/2013 —
TELE-audiovision International —
5. Status display of the
6. Selecting the frequency
7. The channel name of any
created DVB-T channel can be
freely chosen
8. PID values can be freely
determined by the user
9. Entering the channel name
10. The HD-MOD-001T takes
approximately 25 seconds to
11. Selecting the input signal
rection anyway. After all,
our DVB-T signal safely trav-
els through locally distribut-
ed coax cables rather than
over the air from far-away
transmission towers.
If you want to look at an
overview of all RF Output
settings you simply go to
‘Retrieve Status’ in order to
find out everything. What’s
more, this function is avail-
able for all sections of the
main menu and has turned
out to be a valuable tool on
several occasions during our
As already mentioned
above, the modulator can
process the incoming signal
from one of three inputs,
which in turn means us-
ers have to go to the Video
menu first and select either
HDMI, YUV or CVBS as sig-
nal source.
As far as video resolution
is concerned the modulator
can be set to adjust the out-
put resolution to the resolu-
tion of the incoming signal
(which worked flawlessly in
our test), or one of the fol-
lowing output resolutions
can be set manually: 480i,
480p, 576i, 576p, 720p or
We truly appreciated the
fact that brightness, con-
trast, colour saturation and
colour space can be user-
defined as this is of particu-
lar importance for analog
input signals.
If you want to check
whether or not the modula-
tor performs as intended you
can always activate a bar
test pattern, which can be
activated and stopped again
from a dedicated menu item
with a single touch of a but-
ton. Users can freely select
the encoder rate, i.e. the
overall data rate, which in
this case means the level of
redundancy that is added to
the output signal to make
for a stable and reliable sig-
nal transmission.
Once the video settings
are taken care of we rec-
ommend dealing with Au-
dio, which is right next to
the video menu. Here it is
possible to set the bit rate
of the audio output signal
at 128, 256 or 384 kbps,
thus defining the quality of
the distributed audio signal.
While it’s great to have the
highest setting at 384 kbps
available with this Satson
modulator we nonetheless
suggest you use 128 or 256
kbps, which will be fine in
most scenarios.
It goes without saying
that the final DVB-T stream
created by the HD-MOD-
001T can be freely custom-
ised with a channel name
of your choosing (up to 15
characters long), with freely
selectable PID parameters
for audio, video, PMT and
PCR PID as well as with an
individual network ID (NID)
which again can be up to 15
characters long.
While setting or changing
the channel name and net-
work ID with the use of the
arrow keys and OK button
surely takes its time, this
is still acceptable given the
fact that you don’t really
have to accomplish that task
on a regular basis. In actual
fact, we have seen solutions
before that are much less
elegant than that. Inciden-
tally, PID values need to be
entered using the decimal
numbers, which does away
with all the cumbersome
conversion into the hexa-
decimal format.
We finally threw a glance
at the System settings,
which can be accessed to
adjust the basic settings of
the modulator. It is here that
you can configure the RJ-45
network connection, with
the HD-MOD-001T support-
ing either the DHCP protocol
(for automatic assignment
of IP address, gateway and
DNS server by the router)
or accepting manual entry
of parameters. Further-
more, the Satson modula-
tor provides hardware and
software information in that
menu or can be factory-re-
As the manufacturer con-
stantly strives to optimise
its products it is also pos-
sible to update the modu-
lator’s operating software
from this menu section.
As our regular readers
probably know it’s always
the unexpected little fea-
tures that attract our atten-
tion and this time it was the
RJ-45 network interface.
If you – like us – think
there might be a web server
behind that feature you’re
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