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— 01-02/2013
lan doesn’t have a logo for.
How this all works will be
discussed later on in this re-
In addition to the 20 TV
channels with associated
logos, the Spark software
also displays the current
TV channel is a small win-
dow in the upper left corner.
We found this method to be
more comfortable and clear-
er compared to the blending
in of a small channel list on
top of the TV picture. But we
especially liked the TV Wall’s
EPG function that with the se-
lection of a channel instantly
displayed the title of the cur-
rent and upcoming programs
and at the same time showed
the live TV picture in a small
window. A momentary push
of the Info button is all that’s
needed to access the ex-
panded EPG data for the
current program; the Spark
software presents it in a very
clear fashion so that the user
always knows what’s going
on in the currently running
This is all well and good
you might be saying right
now, 20 channels per page is
not bad but with satellite re-
ception you might be dealing
with several thousand chan-
nels. How are you supposed
to keep track of all those
channels? It’s very simple:
on the one hand the TV Wall
supports the grouping of en-
tries (such as by satellite,
CAS, FTA, HD, etc.) just like
with a standard channel list.
On the other hand there’s
also a very practical search
function available; simply
enter in the first few letters
of a channel and the list is
then reduced to only those
channels that match the let-
ters that were entered.
We here at TELE-audio-
vision also really appreci-
ated how fast the TV Wall
reacted to commands from
4. The TV Wall’s station logos also appear in the Info bar
5. The TV Wall with our test channel and our own station logo
6. The expanded EPG information can be displayed directly via
the TV Wall
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