01-02/2013 —
TELE-audiovision International —
the remote control and, de-
spite the elaborate display of
station logos, there was no
noticeable delay in its op-
eration. Since these station
logos also appear in the Info
bar after switching chan-
nels, it gives an overall well-
rounded impression.
The station logos used by
the Spark software must
be 204 x 126 pixels in size
and in JPEG format. If there
are no logos available in the
proper size for your favorite
channels, we recommend
using the program XnCon-
vert (
com/) that can be used to
convert not just one but
multiple logos into the prop-
er format.
In order for the Spark
software to know which
logo belongs to what sta-
tion, each individual TV Wall
entry must be manually en-
tered. This functions quickly
and without any problems
with the new Spark Editor
1.7, Fulan’s own channel list
editor for MS Windows. This
assigns each station logo
file an individual file name
which is then associated by
the Spark software with the
appropriate TV Wall entry.
That’s why it’s absolutely
necessary to copy the newly
created station logos to the
file /root/spark/AppUserDb/
icon in the Spark receiver.
This can be done with an FTP
program. Simply enter in the
IP address of the receiver
in the FTP program and use
‘root’ as both the user name
and password.
In case the receiver is not
connected to a PC via a net-
work, it’s also possible via
the Spark software Settings
menu to directly import the
station logos from a USB
storage device and auto-
matically copy them into the
correct list. We tested this
feature using our own TELE-
7. Thanks to the practical search function, you can quickly find your desired channel even among
thousands of channel entries
8. The Info bar of our TAV test channel with our self-made station logo
9. The freely available station logo database from Fulan is quite extensive; even channels on
satellites such as NILESAT 7° west are in the database
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