TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 01-02/2013
audiovison logo and found
that it worked perfectly. In
no time at all we were able to
use the Spark Editor to cor-
rectly label our test channel
with our station logo. Trans-
ferring the necessary files
in the end turned out to be
easy as pie and after press-
ing the OK button our TAV
test channel with our own
station logo appeared in the
TV Wall of our Spark com-
patible receiver.
All in all, we very much
liked the idea of the TV Wall
and felt this was a step in
the right direction in terms
of modernizing the classic
channel list. As we would ex-
pect from Fulan, the TV Wall
was perfectly and thought-
fully implemented.
If, despite all of the ad-
vantages of the TV Wall, you
would still prefer the stand-
ard channel list, it can be
reactivated with the push of
just one button.
But, really, who would
want to do without such a
wonderful feature like the TV
10. Using an FTP program, self-made station logos
can easily be transferred to Spark compatible
11. With the help of the Spark Editor, station logos
can be assigned to every channel via a PC
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