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— 01-02/2013
The Smallest KWS Meter Comes
with a Huge Range of Features
DVB-S/S2 Handheld Meter
KWS Electronics is a tradi-
tional company that has been
in the business of producing
top-notch professional an-
tenna measurement technol-
ogy for 35 years. Their me-
ters of the AMA and VAROS
ranges are a by-word for ul-
timate measuring precision
and with the VAROS 109 KWS
is offering a handheld meter
for professional installers for
the first time.
Those in the know will con-
firm it: Every time an antenna
installer arrives at a custom-
er’s place with a KWS meter
in hand there is a sigh of re-
lief. Even many laymen show
confidence in KWS technol-
ogy, and consequently also
in a technician who uses such
equipment, since they can
expect first-rate service in
such a case.
This is also the reason why
many installation businesses
not only advertise their range
of services, but also the fact
that they rely on KWS equip-
ment. After all, not all install-
ers can afford those meters
since quality never comes
cheap and top-notch meters
carry a hefty price tag.
This is exactly where the
brand new KWS VAROS 109
comes into play – never be-
fore was it possible to get
hold of a genuine KWS meter
at such an attractive price.
And it’s true, the recom-
mended retail price of this
measuring device is interest-
ing enough for many amateur
satellite DXers among the
TELE-satellite readership as
well. So keep your eyes glued
to this report!
Every time an established
manufacturer throws a so-
called beginner’s model onto
the market we start hunting
for features and functions
which presumably were de-
leted from the specifications
list in order to be able to keep
the price as low as intended.
If you are as wary as we are,
we can assure you that the
KWS VAROS 109 is an ab-
solutely excellent meter for
satellite installers that offers
all functions you will need! No
compromise here.
The KWS VAROS 109 ar-
rived at our test center in
a plain looking cardboard
box. Out of that box came
a bright-coloured hard case
with robust locking flaps
and a carrying handle in the
blue colour associated with
the KWS brand. This case is
small, quite lightweight and
very robust, so that the me-
ter will be protected even at
those rough and dirty con-
struction sites.
Inside the case there is
the KWS VAROS 109 itself,
a charger, a miniature USB
memory stick as well as a
DIN-A5-sized printed man-
ual. We noticed two things
right away: The cable that
is shipped with the meter in
the bright KWS blue must
be one of the best satellite
cables that ever made it to
our test center. It can easily
be attached to an F-plug, is
easy to bend and lead around
corner yet sports a diameter
of 7 mm. This alone is proof
enough that we’re talking
about a top-notch manufac-
turer here, and about a first-
rate product.
The second item we imme-
diately fell in love with was
the USB memory stick that
comes with the package. It
is used for data storage and
almost all it consists of is the
plug itself. Once it is hooked
up to the meter it protrudes
only a few millimeters from
the device. This way users
can get going right after un-
packing and don’t need to
purchase additional equip-
ment before starting their
first installation job. If our
opinion is anything to go by,
this is how it should always
The fact that KWS supplies
a printed manual is some-
what out of the ordinary too
these days. In most cases,
manufacturers provide a PDF
manual for printing at home
or for reading on the PC, but
KWS begs to make a differ-
ence and we can only applaud
that effort. Even though the
KWS VAROS 109 is almost
self-explanatory and thus
very easy to use, the com-
prehensive manual includes a
lot of useful information and
also discusses features and
functions many users would
not consider in the first place.
The KWS VAROS 109 me-
ter itself comes in a green
and grey protective bag
made of hard-wearing nylon.
The screen and all buttons
are additionally protected
by a transparent plastic foil,
which means the meter will
easily survive dirt, dust and
Extremely high-quality meter
for everyday use
by satellite installers
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