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— 01-02/2013
example, set up the prior-
ity of the TSReader based
on the available hardware
with just a few mouse clicks
and this for all three sec-
tions of the main window.
While you would most likely
let TSReader have priority
over all other programs and
services if you have a mod-
ern PC with a powerful CPU,
stepping down to a slower
PC allows the simultaneous
use of other tools and pro-
If the TSReader receives
a data stream via hardware
connected to the PC’s PCI
slot or an external USB 2.0
device, the data can not
only be analyzed a number
of different ways, it can also
be recorded on the PC’s hard
drive. And it’s here that the
TSReader shines with all of
its settings capabilities be-
ginning with the selection
of the desired channels in
the transport stream (the
TSreader is also a demutli-
plexer that can extract in-
dividual channel sections
out of the data stream),
continuing with the splitting
into multiple files depend-
ing on the EPG of individual
broadcasters up to setting a
maximum size for recorded
data. Even the recording of
some or all of the PIDs is
In our tests this function
performed exceptionally;
even recording for hours at
a time and activating the
Split function did not disturb
the TSReader. The entire re-
ceived data stream was re-
corded on our test PC’s hard
drive without any errors.
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