01-02/2013 —
TELE-audiovision International —
11. One or more channels in the transport stream can be
retransmitted as Unicast or Multicast via LAN
12. EPG overview of a transport stream
13. Graphic display of all active PIDs
14. If desired, PIDs from the transport stream can also be manually
15. If there’s an error, TSReader automatically sends out an e-mail;
it essentially calls for help on its own.
16. The extensive satellite and transponder list comes with up-to-
date data. LOF and other LNB parameters can be individually set
17. Some or all of the PIDs of a transport stream can be recorded.
18. A previously marked channel is being recorded in MPEG format
with all of its associated PIDs
In addition to the record-
ing of transport streams, the
second huge application for
the TSReader is the ability to
analyze and monitor a trans-
port stream as well as to
export the different tables
(PAT – Program Association
Table, PMT – Program Map
Tables , NIT – Network In-
formation Table, etc.). Either
the HTML or XML format can
be used here; both of them
performed quite well in our
tests. We were able to ef-
fortlessly record the entire
architecture of a transpon-
der exactly the way it was
received from the ASTRA
satellite at 19.2° east. Even
storing the entire EPG data-
base of a transport stream is
possible and functioned per-
fectly in our tests. We also
liked the graphical display of
the EPG; you can get a quick
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