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— 01-02/2013
overview – you might not
have guessed that a tool like
TSReader would have had
something like this.
If you were to set up your
own transport stream with
the help of a multiplexer, it
would be absolutely impera-
tive to have a grasp on the
bandwidth use of each in-
dividual PID. In fact, that
would be the only way to
identify any savings poten-
tial and where you might
be able to increase the da-
tarate. In addition to the
static values provided by the
TSReader in the main win-
dow, there’s also a variety
19. The TSReader is also a demultiplexer that can record some or
all of the channels in a transport stream
20. The PAT of an ASTRA 19.2° east transport stream in HTML
21. The entire EPG data from a transport stream can be exported
from TSReader in XML format
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