Thomas Haring
Test Center
01-02/2013 —
TELE-audiovision International —
A feature-packed transport stream analyzer
that is easy to use and, thanks to its profile
system, can be used in any application. It can
process SD as well as HD signals and gives
the user a deep look inside the world of DVB/
ATSC transport streams. Thanks to its many
export and display functions, all of the inter-
esting information can easily be stored and displayed.
The TSReader does not have any excessive hardware
requirements so that even older PCs could be used with this
Expert Opinion
even possible to convert the
current video signal from
the transport stream from
MPEG2 into H.264/MPEG4
(if needed) and then directly
pass it along via LAN or the
Internet. If the TSReader
ever comes across some
form of an error, it can send
out an e-mail with informa-
tion on the particular er-
ror. You could say that the
TSReader is thus able to call
for help all by itself.
It should also be men-
tioned that the TSReader
can also control external
hardware; this could be a
number of digital receivers
connected via a serial inter-
face (fast becoming an older
method) or a D-VHS deck
through a firmware connec-
tion making it possible to
decode and record MPEG2
streams without putting a
load on the CPU of the PC.
If the TSReader is set up
within a network, it could
then also be used as an IPTV
server since the passing on
of live transport streams via
Unicast or Multicast is sup-
ported. Here at the TELE-
audiovision test center we
took a closer look at this
function using an IPTV re-
ceiver; we were able to feed
it with a variety of error-free
and interference-free HD
channels that were received
by TSReader live via satel-
The TSReader is a piece
of software that, thanks to
its wide range of functions
and its attention to detail, is
perfectly suited for profes-
sional applications.
Beyond that, the free
Lite version offers the user
at home a peak behind the
walls of digital TV. It doesn’t
matter if it’s a self-made
DVB data stream that you
want to control and moni-
tor, the TSReader offers
the necessary features and
functions for every applica-
Thanks to the nicely or-
ganized menu structure and
the optically designed user
22. The NIT of an ASTRA 19.2 east transport stream in
XML format
23. The technician can see in the status window if the
transport stream is error-free
interface, professionals as
well as ambitious amateurs
will easily be able to work
with this program.
It’s clear that together
with the ability to control the
program remotely and its
error reporting capabilities,
TSReader is perfect for long-
term operation, for example,
at a head-end station, and
is therefore an inexpensive
alternative for smaller com-
panies and programming
providers compared to other
more expensive products.
The TSReader has been part
of the basic equipment for all
of our TELE-audiovision test
centers for quite some time
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